Chess-Why playing chess is good for your mind

Chess-Why playing chess is good for your mind

It’s our duty as a human to find out the things and activities which are good for our health, especially for the brain. All of us know that we can stay active and fit by performing some exercises and yoga. These are good to keep our joints and muscles active. But have you ever think, your mind also needs exercise to stay healthy and active?

Chess is the oldest mind board games; you just need a partner to play the game. You don’t need to run, pass obstacles and any other physical activates to play the game. It’s a game of mind and good to keep your mind healthy and active. So have a look for what things chess is good for;


Many studies showed that playing chess is good to decrease the chances of Alzheimer’s. While you are playing your brain is continuously searching for the possible moves. It’s also good to get rid of anxiety and depression.

Nerve Cells Growth

Our mind is based and constructed with the nerve cells and these nerve cells are responsible to pass through the signals of each action of our body to mind. These nerve cells are in the shape of tree roots in your brain, by involving your mind in complex things or playing chess you are growing the roots of that tree.

IQ Levels/Problems

Chess is not designed for ordinary people; I am not mean to say that you can’t play chess! If we go back to the time when chess invented this game is the game of KINGS. They have the knowledge and their IQ levels are at the top. So by adopting the chess play, you are also able to increase the levels of your IQ it engages your mind to find the possible ways to move.

You also learn how to handle different situations and how to solve the problems. It provides us the solutions about the real things we face in life. If you are playing chess you can handle the situations and able to perform better during intense situations. You learn the skills of problem-solving and making a way forward for you in life.

Improve Memory

Playing chess is good to improve your memory. While you are in the activity you need to focus on your opponent and your moves. A wrong move can lead you to lose the game. If you are not sharp to keep an eye on the other player moves they can easily defeat you. So, while playing you need to remember both side moves and possible scenarios to win the game. By involving your mind to remember the moves you are training your mind to remember the things.

Improve Functionality

Your brain has two sides right and left. Each side of the brain active during the different tasks like the right side of the brain is active when you are performing creative work and your feelings are also due to the right side of the brain. The left side of the brain is active while you are solving math, creating ideas or perform any logical task. According to science your brains one side is acting as per your task, but if we talk about the chess players the studies shown that both sides of mind are active during the game. So it’s the best exercise to involve your mind and the best exercise for the brain.

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