How to be Happy-Happy side of your Mind

How to be Happy-Happy side of your Mind

Things you can do to be happy

You can create your happiness by just thinking positively. 
Make yourself busy in different activities or habits which make you feel joyful. Adding little changes to your life can make you happier. 
It is more about your health. If you start to take care of your mental and physical health you will feel the difference.

Be Productive

Being productive and scheduled can solve a lot more problems than you think. Start to plan your tasks and note them down before starting your day or before going to bed, It will help you do your tasks on time. You will feel more lively. Productivity is the key to happiness, so try to be more productive.
Managing your time can help you to be productive.

Share moments with your family and friends

Talking and having a conversation with your family member or friend with who you are close or have a good bond can also make you feel better and elevate your mood. You will feel happier than before, plan a picnic or hang out with them. Spending time and talking with your loved ones can relieve your sadness. Express your emotions, don’t hide them, expressing your emotions will relieve your inner sadness, and you will feel much better.


Take out time for yourself. It’s good to spend time with yourself.
Writing your journal is a great idea to feel better!
Writing about your day and your problems can help you feel more relief, write about your plans and the things you want to achieve, or the challenges you are facing in your life. Note down the things you are grateful for. You will feel much better.

Start reading

Reading books is good for mental health and can relax your mind, it will help you dodge the negative energy you face during free time. 

Try to learn something new. Like another language, 
Having a hobby, like Reading, Cooking, Drawing or any other hobby can help you stay happier. Try to avoid wasting your time on pointless things.

Plants helps to lift the mood

Green plants help to lift your mood, they provide fresh oxygen, which makes us feel fresh and energized, greens will cool down your eyes, and the smell of them will relax your mind and body.
Put some plants and flowers around your workplace, in your room, or where you spend most of the time. Plants are furthermore very beneficial for both mental and physical health.
They lower the level of anxiety and stress and makes you feel calm.

Have more and proper sleep

Sleep is a major part of our life. Proper sleep can make you feel refreshed. A person could stay happy and active all day if the person had proper sleep at night. Try to sleep at least for 7-8 hours. 
If you did not have enough sleep during the night try to have short naps during the day. It can help you take up more sleep. 

Try some exercising

Do a little bit of exercise every day. It will let you be more energetic, and the more active you are, the more you feel happy throughout the day. And if you cannot do exercise, then go for a walk, make it your habit, a 10 to 15 minutes walk can help you reduce stress and is beneficial for mental health.
Go on a morning or evening walk. It will help you gain positive energy around the environment. 

Eat healthy food

Eating a balanced diet can make you feel healthy and happy, 
Consuming fruits and vegetables are beneficial for your physical health. Instead of having junk food and sugars, try to avoid these foods. Go for a nutritious diet which will make you healthy and fit. 

Listen to music

We have a strong relationship with music which we do not realize. Music affects our emotions, listening to music that is pleasing to you is a great way to cheer up yourself. Music is a source for mood-boosting.
Discover new music and genres. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and play them while working, exercising, or doing any other task. That will help you feel more upbeat.

Little things that can make you happy

Think more positively, find a positive perspective in any situation
smile more often, it will trick your brain and you will feel happy.
Doing little good deeds, helping someone, or even passing a smile to someone is a kind gesture. 
Treat yourself, sometimes giving yourself a little treat is a good trick to make yourself happy.
Take a break, sometimes you might feel exhausted due to workload. A short break can help you gain energy and release your stress.

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