Mind Games You Should Try

Mind Games You Should Try

Top 3 Mind Games to Try

It is a very difficult task to understand how the human brain works and that is what psychologists base their studies on. Since the brain uses a very complex mechanism to operate, studying the human brain’s behaviour can appear to be quite a fascinating feat for some. There are times when the brain can be tricked into believing things that may seem impossible if you think about them logically. These tricks and illusions that the brain can miss at times are used by magicians for entertainment purposes. If you are intrigued by the idea of tricking the brain, here are few of the easy mind games you should try:

1. Pendulum

The pendulum trick is a quite an interesting mind game you should try with your family and friends. The way this works is that when the pendulum is rotating clockwise that means “yes” whereas if the pendulum is rotating anti-clockwise, that means “no”. To play this mind game, what you have to do, is hand over the pendulum to a friend or family member and explain the above-mentioned rules to them. Then you start asking them questions which they have to answer mentally while they keep rotating the pendulum.

The trick that is hidden in this mind game is that as they answer the questions mentally, they move the pendulum according to their answers, subconsciously. The method used for the pendulum mind game proves as quite a useful trick in polygraph machines.

2. Carrot Mind Game

While there is no particular logic behind this game, a mind game you should try, nevertheless, is this one. First of all, you write the word “carrot” on a piece of paper and hand it over to your friend. Then you start asking them addition questions starting from 1+1, 2+2 and so on until you reach 8+8. Immediately after, if you ask him or her to name a vegetable, the answer will be “carrot” which you had already written and handed over to them before the mind game even began.

3. The Skim Milk Trick

This particular mind game you should try, but only with people, you are close to since this is quite a weird one. To start off, try to prove your point that no one can tell the difference between normal milk and skim milk. The other person can be a friend or family member; will try to argue that they can, so you place a bet with them. Give them a choice to tell apart the type of milk while being blindfolded. Now, when a person is blindfolded, the other senses are heightened so as you have them taste different versions of milk, their entire focus will be on their sense of taste. The trick lies at the end when instead of the last glass of milk, you hand them orange juice. Since the taste buds will become used to the taste of milk and the person will be expecting another glass of milk, the sudden shift to an acidic drink will make them gag, or worse, vomit.

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