Sudoku-Is sudoku good for mind and how to solve it

Sudoku-Is sudoku good for mind and how to solve it

Sudoku is a logical mind puzzle game. We solve this logical game by placing numbers in different placements. There is a 9×9 grid box in the puzzle game; you need to place the numbers in each box of the grid from rows to columns, the digits must be from 1 to 9. At the start of the game, some boxes are filled with the numbers, these numbers called the seed numbers in the Sudoku game. The objective is to find the unique solution with these seed numbers and fill all the other grid boxes. Keep in mind that you can’t use the same number or any number from 1 to 9 cannot be repeated in any row or column but these numbers can appear diagonal in the grid.

This logical mind puzzle game is always a mystery for beginners. This game is good to train your mind to calculate in the right way and also good for keeping your mind active for hours. If you are good at mathematics and find out the way how the game is built then there is no mystery for you to solve it. Most of the time people play Sudoku without understanding and they play as guess and judge. But in reality, these puzzles are created on the rules of mathematics and have real-time solutions.

What are the rules of the game?

  • By knowing the rules and keeping in mind you can solve the puzzles easily.
  • In each row and column number (1-9) should appear once.
  • All the rows and column’s total sum should be 45.
  • The numbers (1-9) can be matched diagonal in any row and column.

You need patience and must keep the focus on the other seed numbers appearing in the puzzle grids to solve the puzzle. Most of the time users are in a hurry and leave the game by trying three or four times. You need to make a sketch of the board in your mind and find the correct numbers to place according to the seed numbers in the game grid.

How you can easily solve the Sudoku puzzle?

To solve the Sudoku puzzle easily there are two methods;
  • Cross-hatching
  • Penciling

By understanding these methods you can solve any Sudoku puzzle in a few seconds. By playing puzzle games like Sudoku and other your mind stay healthy and mind games are good to stay away from diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia and helps your mind to stay active.

You can make your mind sharper by involving in new methods and techniques like thinking for the solutions of many different puzzles, riddles, questions and any method which activates the parts of your mind into an active stage.

Sudoku puzzle game is relaxing and a stimulating exercise for your brain. By finding out the solutions you are not training your mind to find out the math solutions in real life but you are exercising your mind to stay active. Sudoku logical mind puzzles are available in smartphones, newspapers, magazines, you can buy from the book stores and toy shops, and you can also play online from different websites.

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